Looking for the best place to dine in Davao ?

FOR ALL you people out there with such sensitive noses and discriminating tastes that only seek nothing but the best cuisine you can find in a city like Davao, we’re left with no other delightful choice but to come up with something like a directory of some of the best places to dine.
It’s really just a simple idea that had been crying out to be born— a “food guide”— that has nothing else in it except Davao restaurants, cafes, bars, with each one featuring their very best menu and cuisine that they alone can create and offer.

The "Food Guide" published edition in Davao

That’s why we’re offering almost all the pages of this Food Guide to all restaurants in Davao wishing to have their own ad page featuring only their dining place. Restaurants getting their own ad spaces will give them the opportunity to show off what they have to offer. They can show how their restaurants look like from the outside, and how they look from the inside. They’ll have the chance to showcase the best cuisine they can offer to visitors, tourists, travelers as well city residents dining out on weekends and special occasions.
If you’re a frequent traveler to foreign countries, you might have seen one of these small, handy “food guides” or “dining out” magazines handed out by tourism officials trying to promote their own country’s culinary delights. Got anyone of these food guides lying around in your table cabinets ?
Well, we got one of these guides from our friend Jason who picked it up from a counter in Brisbane, Australia and it was easy to figure out why a city like Davao would need the same guide, if only some brave soul could pick up the idea, take the risk of publishing it with no capital funding nor any kind of support from the city. Almost all the glossy pages of that 66-page “diner’s” guide contain full color pages of Brisbane’s restaurants, cafes and bars.

Warm welcome from a Japanese restaurant

If a visitor picks up one of these diner’s guide, all she has to do is to turn the pages and “visit” each of these restaurants and look at their mouth-watering color pictures in the ad pages and make their choices right there instead of guessing or asking around. They don’t have to pick a restaurant’s name blindly off a phone directory, not knowing how the place looks like and not knowing what type of food they serve over there. You won’t even know if they really have something special that makes it worth your time going there in the first place. You’d be glad if there’s a “food guide” available to help you find the best places to dine in Davao.
And that’s exactly why we accepted the challenge of coming out with this type of publication designed only to help Davao restaurants, cafes, etc reach out to the thousands of visitors, tourists and travelers arriving in this southern city in increasing numbers.
—- The Editors


3 thoughts on “Looking for the best place to dine in Davao ?

  1. If you’ve been to a restaurant in Davao and had a bad experience with the food or the way the waiters treated you, it would be nice to see and read your frank comments in this blog.

  2. Okay na okay itong food guide sa dabaw, sana makita natin mga recipes ng
    mga davao food, no? maski sana mga suggestions sa mga readers ng
    blog nito ?

  3. Nice to see a blog like this on davao food and restaurants. very useful for visitors
    and tourists looking for a guide like this, no? I have been looking for a list or
    directory of restaurants in davao, mayroon pala dito. puede ba mag comment
    sa mga food ?

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